The story on the MobileMe calendar update

On October 14, Apple released an update to the MobileMe calendar that changes how iCal communicates with MobileMe. In the process, they removed synchronization between iCal and Sync Services. The result is that after the update, Life Balance no longer synchronizes to iCal.

We got caught a little off-guard by this change because Apple doesn’t seem to have documented it anywhere. Apple’s documentation for Sync Services hasn’t been updated since February. Our question on the Apple Developer Forums has gone unanswered. While Apple has provided a list of known issues with the calendar update, it doesn’t include any guidance for developers on how to work around the problems. The best information we’ve been able to find about the transition is from BusyMac and TidBITS.

Nevertheless, it seems that Apple is dropping support for Sync Services and wants us to use the Calendar Store APIs or CalDAV instead. We’re intending to do both. Supporting the Calendar Store APIs will allow us to sync directly with iCal. Supporting CalDAV directly from within Life Balance will have the additional advantage that we’ll be able to sync directly to Google Calendar from iOS, Mac, and Windows.

It will take us some time to get there. If you currently rely on the iCal sync feature of Life Balance, we recommend that you postpone installing the MobileMe calendar update. If you’ve already installed the update, you might consider downgrading back to the old version until we have the new iCal support in place.

We’ll post more information once we have new synchronization features in place.