Life Balance 5.7.16 with Gatekeeper support


Version 5.7.16 of Life Balance runs on Mavericks without need for an update. 

The update was originially to provide Life Balance compatibility for changes introduced in Mountain Lion. The changes from version 5.6.15 are:

  • Signed with our Developer ID so that Mountain Lion’s Gatekeeper will recognize Life Balance as coming from a trusted source.
  • Sped up the loading of .LBD files with many places.

Gatekeeper is intended to protect Macintosh users from installing malicious software that they download from internet sources other than the App Store. This includes the Llamagraphics web store where we sell our Macintosh and Windows applications directly for your convenience when you discover Life Balance through a web search.

Life Balance has been digitally signed for some time, but it is now digitally signed with a certificate from Apple. 

To pass through the Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion, our signature and Developer identity, Llamagraphics, Inc. is now registered with Apple. Apple knows we are trusted developers, and allows the application to run on Mountain Lion without popping up a warning or blocking the app. This also confirms that your copy of Life Balance has not been tampered with.

Because the Life Balance app for Macintosh is already on the App Store and is digitally signed, there is no update required yet for the version of Life Balance that we sell through the app store. When we release the next feature update for Life Balance to the App Store, that app will also be revised to be sure that it is “Sandboxed” to pass the additional tests to meet Apple’s criterion for well-behaved applications. At this time, we think that it will be more efficient for our development efforts to “Sandbox” the next upcoming post of Life Balance for Macintosh.  

Additionally, in this release, we are including some optimizations for people who use many Places in Life Balance to speed up launching the Life Balance App.