Life Balance 5.3 for iPhone

Please note that Life Balance 5.3 will run on iOS 4,5,6, and 7,  and on the iPad, although we know that it is not optimized for the new interface in iOS 7, or for larger screens yet.  Additional updates are in the works including an iPad native version. (Delay was due to unavoidable family reasons. We appreciate your kindness and support as we get under way again now that storms have passed. Thanks!)

Life Balance 5.3 for iPhone is what is available now on the App Store. The current release notes:

  • Supports iOS 4, including fast app switching, background network operations, and high-res graphics
  • Added an “Outline” button to the task details view that navigates to that task in the Outline. (This button only appears when viewing the task details from the to-do list, agenda, or calendar views.)
  • Fixed a display error in the calendar when crossing a year boundary.
  • Fixed a crash on iOS 4 when trying to edit the calendar events for a task.
  • Fixed a problem where the importance and effort sliders were too long on the iPad, making them difficult to change.
  • Fixed a problem on iOS 4 where time pickers could use the wrong time zone.