Consulting Services: 

Llamagraphics provides custom programming services for the web, iOS and Macintosh platforms. In the process, we frequently also do some functional graphic design. We usually work in collaboration with both the client and their own designer to make sure that the look of a site or app will ultimately mesh well with the overall software requirements.

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iOS and Mac Application Development

Mobile Payment Processing

Custom iPhone app for accepting mobile payments. Securely connects to website to download and update customer account balances. Supports cash, checks and credit cards. Credit cards can be swiped, photographed, or entered manually. App makes use of Paypal, and could be modified to include other payment processors, like Stripe. 

The Life Balance App

Our own commercial application for dynamically prioritizing tasks as things get done, and tracking your overall balance of effort over time. The iPhone app supports WiFi Sync to both Mac and Windows with automatic server detection. The underlying data engine is optimized for portability among platforms for iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux. It uses the SQLlite database library for speed and data portability. We have our own vCal library for interoperability with Google Calendar and iCloud support. There are many custom UI elements in The Life Balance App. 

Website Development

We do most of our website development using Drupal, because of its powerful architecture and rich set of third-party plugins.

Here are some of the custom Drupal projects we’ve worked on recently:

Custom Website Themes

We can take a website design from a graphic artist and turn it into a nearly pixel-perfect, mobile-friendly website theme. The theme can automatically adjust to accomodate phones, tablets and desktop browser, and is search engine optimized to help customers find your site.

Customer Accounting System

Provides customers with online purchasing, account statements, and ability to pay online using a choice of payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, etc.). Integrates with AccountEdge accounting software.

Customer Email System

Provides an alternative to traditional “newsletter” software by allowing staff to determine which group of customers should receive each mailing. Each email is individually addressed to and can be customized to the recipient.

US Postal Mailing Address Maintenance

Web-based system for maintaining a list of customer postal mailing addresses. Connects to the United States Postal Service Web Tools Address Information APIs for address validation and cleanup. Provides automatic detection and simplified merging of duplicate addresses. Generates pre-formatted PDF files for printing to Avery labels.

NOAA Weather Forecasts

Pulls forecast data from the NOAA National Digital Forecast Database and integrates it with online event calendars to provide up-to-date weather information for scheduled events.

Public Relations Strategy

Looks at your scheduled events and generates a coordinated a PR schedule that spans web, email, postal mail, Twitter and Facebook. Use this schedule to guide the timing and content of your communications.

Staff Scheduling

Online system lets staff members sign up to cover scheduled events. Administrators can see staffing problems in advance and make adjustments. Automatic notification of staff members when assignments are changed. After the event is over, the same system generates a report of staff hours for payroll.

Sailboat Racing Scoring

Web-based system for scoring one-design sailboat races. Supports both single events and long series.

Recent Clients

Database-driven e-commerce website with accounting and communications support

Llamagraphics has worked with the Adult Program and Community Director of the sailing school since 2009 to build a new website for the Edgewood Sailing School. The original goal was simply to make the existing Dreamweaver/Contribute site easier to update, but we soon began enhancing the site to better serve the sailing school’s students and staff.

This ambitious long term project aimed not only to improve the public-facing parts of the site, but also to provide a back office environment where instructors and staff could share responsibility for running the school. Our goals were to organize class listings and schedules, automate the registration process, maintain student account balances, accept online payments and donations, track student attendance and instructor assignments, and maintain mailing lists and newsletters. In other words, to make the web site the central hub of the administrative work flow for the sailing school.

Low-maintenance website for a small business

Ocean Dog Club is a Providence-area dog daycare facility that opened in 2010. The orignal website design was prepared by the owner herself with some input from a friend, but they needed help turning their ideas into reality. We took their Photoshop files and created a working website with online application forms, news stories, photo galleries and blog so they could focus on getting their new facility ready for opening day.

Dynamically changing website serving international customers

FarSounder is a Providence-area business specializing in advanced marine sonar systems for obstacle avoidance and ship protection. FarSounder has clients around the globe, so their website is an important source of information to their customers. Their technically savvy staff created their website in Drupal 5, but as their business grew it made less sense for them to upgrade and enhance the site on their own. In 2010 they came to Llamagraphics for help with a major site upgrade and enhancements to make the site more organized and easier to manage.